One thought on “IMG_0102

  1. I just rewatched epdsoie 2 from season 4 how Blair and Chuck ran into each other in Paris and how they talked at the train station seasons 1-4 were just wonderful with the beautiful chemistry between them. The white party season 2 epdsoie 1 WOW All of the epdsoies they sprayed sparks !! But now I have to admit a lot of the erotic has gone this self-imposed, staid, modesty of Chuck & Blair now in series 6 nearly unbearable for me and a very unlikely development of those characters..hard to believe .and very hard to stay the big fan I was (I am). Quite disappointing how a series that was splendid throughout all the main characters has turned into something so boring that I have to ask myself after each epdsoie: Was that it??? When does the story begin???? It is really exhausting .. this boring Bart story So far-fetched and underperformed You can just feel how the writers donb4t know what to write anymore stagnation in every direction.. puuuhhhhhh .

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